s t a t e m e n t

My inspiration to paint comes from many things in life. Whether it is bears roaming the forest or activity in the city, there is a certain beauty that I see in both extremes. I love painting the same way an athlete would move; full of energy and vitality. Painting with acrylics allows me to quickly layer colors and captures the swift motion of life. Working everywhere at once and keeping that enthusiastic element alive in my art is an essential ingredient to create a spontaneous flow of color and movement in my artwork.

One of my most impressible moments of my childhood was when I was creating a piece of art with random colors and shapes.  I had no idea what I was doing, just having fun.  When I stood back and looked at my painting, the shapes and colors was a bust of a horse.  This made a huge impression on me as a kid because it was like witnessing something magical come to life.


As a person who lives on this beautiful planet, I endeavor to treat it's inhabitants with love and respect and to weave these practices into every aspect of my life. I am a vegan and commute on a bicycle just about everywhere I go. Being active and healthy is a vital component in order to create my artwork optimally. It is important that the art materials I work with come from places that are either made in the USA and or from businesses that are fair trade, eco-conscious and practice sustainable ways to lessen their foot print on the planet. My paintings are created on organic cotton canvas, linen or Ampersand's Museum Certified panels whose products are handmade in the USA and built from sustainable forests.  They are sealed with the Earth Safe Finishes handcrafted in California.