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Ever since I was a kid, I have always loved exploring my world through some type of medium that I could express my emotions. Through my years in life, I see that we are all artists creating our world. 

Painter David V. Gonzales empowers people through his vivid art and energetic ethos.


LIFE AS ART . by Jennie Nunn


As a boy growing up in Santa Fe, New Mexico....

Even if you’ve never heard of David Vincent Gonzales, if you’ve attended events in Summit and Eagle counties, you’re probably familiar with his work. Over the years, the Manitou Springs-based artist has painted...

A few years ago David V. Gonzales was selected to create the signature image for the USA Pro Cycling Race.  The bright images show....

Native New Mexican, David Gonzales shares his inspiration for the 2017 Balloon Fiesta poster.

As David V. Gonzales raced to finish his painting in time to enter the 2017 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta poster contest, he wondered how he could possibly...

Action. It is immediately apparent in every David V. Gonzales painting. Swaths of brilliant color combine and collide into instantly recognizable forms. They bring forth bikers cruising through aspen groves, skiers flying down mountainsides and bears charging through streams.

Artist, David V. Gonzales has been selected as one of ten "Artist of the Year" award.

In its 52nd year in existence, Ullr Fest in Breckenridge is one of the most anticipated weeks of the winter for locals and travelers alike. The camaraderie, the games, the parade and the overall energy draw people from all over the country.

When David Gonzales was just 1 year old, he was almost flattened by a truck on a street in Germany. It was a biker that swooped in to save his stroller from the oncoming disaster, as his parents, who had just turned their backs for a second, watched in horror.

As a multi-media artist with a rich Native American and Hispanic cultural history, David's work includes pieces of his heritage, the world around him, and the stories unfolding before him.

Craftspeople have been chopping down and fashioning dead trees into beautiful things since they got the hang of opposable thumbs.  Manitou Springs artist and chainsaw carver David Gonzales turns dead trees into art right where they stand, and in doing so honors the stories and native wildlife of the Front Range region.

One local artist is turning a work of destruction into a work of art, transforming a burned tree in the Mountain Shadows neighborhood into a tribute instead.

Manitou artist talks with Patty Sue Spears about his work.

David Gonzales' latest creation is a labor of love, especially a love of the animals of the Mountain Shadows area before the fire.

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